Hi everyone and welcome to the first PhotoShop Workshop! In this session, we are going to look at setting up our file and how to start using PhotoShop to design a Christmas Event Poster! Let’s open PS and click “Create new”. Since we are making an Instagram Post, let’s use the recommended dimensions and pixel density.

Hooray! We now have a blank square to begin designing. Before we begin, let’s put some guides onto our canvas. Head to the view tab and select “New Guide Layout”. I want to use a 20px margin and then some centre guides to help me make my design, so I can input all of those here using the following settings.

Next, I want to add a light red/pinkish background to my canvas. Let’s go to the colour picker tool and select the colour. You can use the following hex code if you like or you can pick your own colour. #e68485. We can then press “u” to select the Rectangle tool. Drag from the corner of our margin guide to the opposite margin guide corner. Notice how this has created a new layer for us.

I now want to add some abstract blobs of colour to my post and will do that by selecting the pen tool. Before we click anywhere, let’s change the colour of our blobs to a darker red. Again use the colour picker tool on the right toolbar and select a colour. I am using #b01f21. Click on the edge of the margin guide to begin a point. Next click and drag a second point to create a curve. Continue doing this and join up the margin edge again and complete the blob.

Cool! We can start adding some text to our post :D. I want to add some text on a curve. We are going to create an elliptical path and draw an ellipse. I have used the following dimensions. Don’t worry if it’s not in the right place, we can move it later and change its size. Let’s add some text by using the text tool and selecting our path. You can see its not aligned properly and a bit small. We can change the position of the path and the text on the path by using the path selection tool (“a” button on keyboard) and dragging the text around. We can change the font, text size and colour in the top toolbar. We can then use the move tool to reposition and resize our text if we like.

Nice! Let’s add some more text here and there. Feel free to adjust stuff to make it look nicer (e.g. the blobs).

I now want to add some images. Instead of dragging and dropping a picture straight into PS, I can utilise frames to better position and crop my images. Drag some frames and position them as you like. You can you Google to find images. I have decided to go for some Japanese Christmas KFC photos!

Yay! Time for our finishing touches (more text, snow fall, AMPSoc logo) and we are done!


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